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The paper was created back in 1888 by James Sheridan and Horatio Bottomley. Since its inception, the FT has gained over a million readers and 75% of the readership happens to be digital subscribers. Though it is owned by Nikkei, a Japanese company, the newspaper’s headquarters are situated in central London.


Since FT has a comprehensive array of market coverage, the criterion to select every topic goes through departmental expertise. Currently, the Financial Times covers world economy, political upheavals, corporate interests, the IT sector, transport, telecom, consumer markets, special opinion insights, entrepreneurial opportunities, business school rankings, and of course, in-depth coverage of the financial market. Interestingly, the FT also has a stylized ‘Life & Arts’ section that serves as a guidebook on contemporary modern art, style, food, and travel.

Is The Financial Times Worth It?

Despite the hefty price tag, the Financial Times lives up to its prestigious image. A basic online subscription of, say, NYT costs around $15 and WSJ at $17.29. The monthly Financial Times subscription, on the other hand, is set at $35, which leads to $457.29 annually.

The price, however, is not entirely set to solely increase revenue stream; it complements the readership that is willing to go the extra mile for dedicated and custom-built algorithm-oriented data analysis of the global market.

Current Growth

Ask a stock market expert and they will attest to the newspaper’s reliability and credibility among business circles. The pink hue color has almost practically become synonymous with the Financial Times. The years of resilient journalistic integrity have culminated in a historic subscriptions amount. As much as the number of subscribers matter, it’s the pioneered independence of the FT that is thriving in the age of fake news.

Where to Buy The Financial Times?

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